About myself

Some basics about me: 

I play football, probably an unnatural amount, but it is one of the only pass-times that I so very much so enjoy. 

I find that I am an avid beer drinker. Hot, sunny days, you'll find me sat in the sun either at a bar, or on the deck at home, with a nice cold beer with laptop in front of me, coding away.

Work related things that you should know:

I have been developing since 2010, been doing web development since 2013 and have so far worked in two agencies. 

The first was Samdog Design, where I spent a year and a bit. I started there as a junior dev, but then quickly moved my way to be the companies lead developer. Since December 2014, I have been with DNA working as a mid pack developer, working on some fun and interesting projects.

You can find a range of my works on the home page where I will be adding more work as I complete it. This isn't all my works, but a few of the personal ones.